How we make decisions

Board Meetings

The Board of the Authority meets quarterly and Board Packs are submitted prior to the meeting to ensure all members are fully prepared.

Risk and Assurance Committee Meetings

These meetings are held 3 times per year and topics include Fraud, Internal Audit and Management of Risk (updating the Authority's Risk Register). Minutes are published once approved.

Corporate Planning Committee Meetings

These meetings are held annually and topics include Business Planning, Health and Safety, Port Marine Safety and Personnel Matters. Minutes are published once approved.

Finance and General Purpose Committee Meetings

These are held every three months and review the financial information since the last meeting and discuss forecasts to be presented to the Board. Minutes are published once approved. Budgets are also prepared for presentation to the Board.

Stakeholder Meetings

The Authority’s harbours provide a vital interface between the catching, buying, processing and service sectors of the industry and it is therefore essential that the Authority maintains both formal and informal consultation procedures with these sectors in order to provide the facilities and services which are required for the safe and competitive operation of the industry.

The Authority holds regular rounds of Stakeholder meetings which are held quarterly by rotation in each harbour i.e. a meeting takes place in each harbour once every 9 months. These meetings provide a valuable forum for consultation on operational issues, including on-shore and marine safety, and on capital works plans and priorities. The views expressed at these meetings feed directly in to the Authority’s forward planning and continuous improvement procedures.

When appropriate ‘working parties’ made up of key stakeholders and Authority staff are formed to deal with specific issues.

Minutes are published and copies sent to all present at each meeting.