Obituary – Ian Morris M.B.E. (died 20 May 2017)

It is with deep regret that I record the passing of our valued board member Ian Morris.

I joined NIFHA in September 2012 by which stage Ian was already a well-established member of the Board. His knowledge of the fishing industry was second to none and he had a deep understanding of the needs of the fishermen of all three harbours.

As the new guy on the block with no real knowledge of the industry I placed heavy reliance on Ian. He was always very supportive of me. He was never afraid to challenge but did so always with great respect and in a way which was about supporting the best possible outcome.

His positive contribution will be greatly missed.

He will be remembered by our staff for his simple courtesy always the first with a thank-you, a true gentleman. For me it was truly an honour and a privilege to have both known him and worked alongside him.

Many of the staff and all of the Board knew Ian well and without exception all of us were deeply upset by news of his passing.

On behalf of our Chairman Terry Jarvis, all of our Board and our entire staff may I pass on our deepest condolences to his wife and family.

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